About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Lisa Vinetti and I’m here to bring clarity to the world of eyecare. In particular, I focus on contact lenses and corrective treatments. For years, I swore by my pair of round rimmed prescription glasses, but there was always something off. They were always falling off my face at the least opportune times and getting scratched, dented, or snapped in half. With my terrible eyesight I figured glasses were the only solution, but then I started to hear murmurs of another way.  

I was so glad when contact lenses came out. I loved the different varieties that made my eyes look like they were red, blue or purple. When the color contacts first came out, I couldn’t think of anything as cool as these things. Plus, the contacts were so easy to maintain and replace. There was only one small problem. I was terrified of jabbing my finger into my eye when putting my contacts in! I’ve always been one to try something new though, so I got myself in front of a mirror and got to work. I was hooked immediately. 

My next great adventure with my eyesight came when I heard about Lasik eye surgery. Not having to put anything in or around my eyes on a daily basis sounded too good to be true. To add a cherry on top, my doctor said that the procedure could be done in one day with very little recovery time. I knew I had to try Lasik, and I’m happy to say, it worked. My eyes work better than they ever have before. I want to share my experience and knowledge with those that are debating between contacts, Lasik, and glasses. I hope I can help and thanks for checking out my “eye” blog! 

If you’re looking for more insights and would like to contact me personally, you can message me through my contact page.